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The power of AI 

Use Data to Your Advantage and Improve Your Business


Deriving hidden meaningful information from visual and other data and making recommendations or taking actions based on those information have become the crucial advantage in today's life and business. At Ollodeus we utilize cutting edge principles and concepts of machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and data analysis to understand and see what we couldn't see otherwise, hence the name Ollodeus which is Galician for the 'Eye of the God'.

Machine and Deep Learning 

We create custom made software solutions based on machine and deep learning to automate, accelerate and improve your business processes.   

Data Science 

Exploit our knowledge of advanced statistical techniques, find patterns and make sense of raw data, improve efficiency and create more relevant business strategies.    

Computer Vision

Trough the eye of the future identify people, supervise production processes, detect anomalies or classify visual information, track movements, understand poses and more.     

Full Customer Experience Service

From planning to implementation and everything in between, we are available to you at every step of the way. 

We Take Pride in Our Knowledge


Machine Learning


Deep Learning


Computer Vision




Structured Query Language

Our Partners


Let's look into the future together!

We deliver innovative and creative  solutions. Our clients include local business owners as well as larger corporations.

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